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Wei Zhou

As a martial art platform, we are honored to announce the affiliation of a professional MMA fighter, Mr Wei Zhou, onboard ICTF family as an individual member from the China MMA discipline through the referral of Master Edward Ng in ICTF SEA.

Mr W Zhou is currently ranked No 1 in the 90kg class and No 2 in the overall professional MMA classes in China.

Standing at 184cm and weighs 88kg, Mr W Zhou has participated in a total of 34 fights with a proud result of 28 wins and 6 losses at his prime age of 28.

Mr W Zhou is the proud winner in the 2017 "King of Kungfu Golden Belt Fight" in China.  ICTF is proud to have such an iconic figure from the International MMA arena as our member, we appreciate his cross disciplinary partnership as a Business Partner in the Business Program of ICTF. 

Anyone interested to train under or with Mr W Zhou is encouraged to contact ICTF via our website at:

The followings are some of his more fabulous wins:

  • 2007 Jiangsu Provincial Competition, Champion in the 80kg class.
  • 2008 China vs America competition, Champion in the 85kg class.
  • 2009 The Country of Wushu Championship, Champion.
  • 2012 Champion of China Heat, Champion in the 90kg class.
  • 2015 China vs Germany competition, Champion in the 90kg class.
  • 2017 Kunlun Fight in Sanya, Hainan, Champion in the 90kg class.
  • 2017 WLK Champion of the Champions competition, Champion in the 90kg class.
  • 2017 King of Kungfu Golden Belt Winner.

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