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Master Instructor Course (MIC)

Master Instructor Course (MIC) is the most advanced level course designed, structured, and developed by the Chairman cum President of ICTF, Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati and the Senior Administrative Vice President cum Business Advisor of ICTF, Dr Grandmaster G Ong.  This is for those who have attained 6th Dan and wish to pursue further into the profound knowledge of Taekwondo in order to be eligible for promotion to 7th Dan rank or to become a professional Master Instructor in Taekwondo.

Pre-requisite:  6th Dan Black Belt and pre-qualified by the Promotion Committee for promotion to 7th Dan at the Master level with recommendation from the recommending Master or Grandmaster who is holding official position in executive offices in ICTF HQ and who is one of the official signatories in the certificate signing panel.