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Sub-Committee Chairpersons



Sparring Committee Chairman
Grandmaster Dan Simard (9th Dan)








Grandmaster D Simard began training in martial arts at the age of five, Grandmaster D Simard has had a long and successful career with some outstanding accomplishments including:

  • "World Champion" (Athens Greece 1987)
  • "World Champion" (Barcelona Spain 2003)
  • 8 times Canadian Champion in five weight divisions
  • 2 times Pan-American Champion

He retired Undefeated as a North-American Champion in five weight divisions.

His hobbies include playing guitar & harmonica and mountain biking. He trains and still races on the World Mountain Bike series in his 50’s.

Grandmaster D Simard teaches comprehensive sparring seminars which cover:

  • Preparing your training
  • Proper warm-up techniques
  • Conditioning
  • Kicking and Punching Drills
  • Combinations
  • Attacking Techniques
  • Counter-attacking Techniques
  • Strategy in Sparring
  • Traditional and Olympic Styles of Sparring.

As an experienced Federal Police Officer (RCMP), Grandmaster D Simard is offering a variety of Training Courses to Law Enforcement / Military and Security Personnel in the governmental and non-governmental sectors. 

Grandmaster Simard also one of the very few who has ever sparred with the Hollywood Kungfu Icon, Bill Wallace “the Superfoot” in a series of sparring events.

Grandmaster Simard is a certified ICTF Seminar Conductor who works to offer the best for ICTF members both domestically and internationally.


Umpire Committee Chairman
Master Winton Henry (8th Dan)








Master Henry's martial arts career began with Kung-Fu in 1985. After moving to Canada in 1991, he started Taekwon-Do at one of the first community centres ran by the Woodbridge Taekwon-Do Group. He has taught for over 20 years at various community schools throughout the city of Toronto. In the year 2000 he started Swar Taekwon-Do in Caledon, east Ontario. Among his most memorable memories in Taekwon-Do are meeting and performing for General Choi Hon Hi on several occasions.

Master Henry is a multi-medal winner in Ontario local tournaments including:

  • Silver Medal in Sparring and Bronze Medal in Pattern in 1995 Ontario Championship
  • 97 Canadian Sparring Champion
  • Silver medalist in IBBC Championship in 2000
  • 2003 Ontario championship in Woodstock Gold Medal winner in Pattern and Sparring
  • Taekwon-do 50th Anniversary Champion 4th to 6th Dan Sparring and Pattern in 2004
  • Chi Taekwon-Do tournament in Florida Gold Medal winner in Pattern and Sparring in 4th to 6th Dan category

Master Henry is currently a Technical Advisor and the Sparring Chairman for the Woodbridge Taekwon-do Group while he serves as the Umpire Committee Chairman in ICTF.


Well Committee Chairman
Master Ryan MacEachearn (8th Dan)








Master R MacEachern began his Taekwon-Do journey in 1983 under the mentorship of Master Yeong Chol Rhee (ITF), Mr Philip Hollohan (independent instructor), and furthered his education under Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati.

He has competed in WTF, ITF and open TKD tournaments, and has been a member of Woodbridge Taekwon Do since 1998. He is part of the Membership and Wellness committee for the Woodbridge Taekwon-do Group.  Master MacEachern began Tecumseh Taekwon Do in 1998 and is a Supervising Instructor for the Southwestern Ontario Section Of Woodbridge Taekwon Do Group.

Master R MacEachern currently works as a Exercise Therapist at Advanced Rehabilitation Centre in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. His training philosophy is to combine Taekwon-do with anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, core stability, and therapeutic exercises. Master R MacEachern also wishes to promote the importance of moral culture, physical fitness, and a strong united group to make a better positive world.


Ethic/Disciplinary Committee Chairman
Master Daniel ST Ong (8th Dan)







Master Daniel Ong is a senior Taekwondo practitioner who started his training in the late 70’s.  Before he and his group founded Kelab Taekwondo Union (KTU) in Malaysia, Master Daniel Ong was with ITF for over 30 years without deviating from it, an undisputable loyal practitioner of high moral standard in the martial art arena. Master Daniel Ong’s seniority was finally recognized by an international ITF group and earned his overdue 7th Dan promotion a few years ago which was later certified by ICTF.  

Over the last couple of years since he joined ICTF, Master Daniel Ong has upkept his membership status at an unmatched level, he has set a fine example of what a good member should be in image and actual reality.  Together with a few others, Master Daniel Ong has attended in the Master Instructor Course (MIC) in 2017 via ICTF’s state-of-the-art webinar program set forth for distant learning purposes.  

Master Ong was conferred the rank of 8th Dan in Jan’ 2018.