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ICTF Chairman
ICTF President
Dr Grandmaster KJN Joe Cariati; 9th Dan, PhD

Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati started his martial art training in 1971 standing as one of the most senior Ch’ang Hon Style Taekwondo practitioners in the world today.

Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati has learned the original Taekwondo technique in its most authentic form from the late Founder of Taekwondo, Gen Choi Hong Hi, in the last 15 years of his life before he passed in 2002 as a student and personal assistant.  In between 1991 and 2002, he traveled with the late Founder as Personal Assistant throughout the North America, South America, and Europe, that marked the most valuable period in his life.  Living and working side-by-side with the Founder no doubt has equipped Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati with excellent knowledge in the original Taekwondo technique developed in that last period of the Founder’s life.  Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati is one of a handful non-Korean who has earned the privilege of being a direct disciple of the Founder.  This undoubtedly makes Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati a true heritage in the original martial art of Taekwondo.

After the Founder passed in 2002, Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati joined hand with a few other senior Taekwondo practitioners to preserve the Founder’s legacy by forming the International Ch’ang Hon Taekwon-Do Federation. Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati was in the Founding Congress in 2003, and was elected to be the President of ICTF three years later in 2006.   Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati has been unanimously elected as the Chairman of ICTF under a perpetual term by the Executive Committees in 2017.

Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati is an ICTF icon with unselfish character which drives him to impart the most authentic original Taekwondo techniques to the Taekwondo practitioners throughout the world in invitational seminars and events.  As a true Ch’ang Hon Style Taekwondo martial artist, his contribution to the betterment of original Taekwondo martial art is unmatched and beyond comparison.

Senior Vice President
Business Advisor / Director
Dr Grandmaster Geoffrey Ong, 9th Dan, PhD

Dr Grandmaster G Ong’s passion in martial arts was ignited during his childhood years in a small southern town in Malaysia. Dr Grandmaster G Ong started his martial arts training in Shorin-Ryu Karate in the early 70’s and later joined the famous Malaysian developed Budokan Karate in his higher rank in the mid 70’s.

In the late 70’s, Dr Grandmaster G Ong came in contact with Taekwondo while pursuing his tertiary education in Canada and was later inspired by the late Grandmaster Ally Teoh who was one of the earliest non-Korean Taekwondo practitioners when Taekwondo was first introduced to Malaysia by the Founder of Taekwondo, Gen Choi, in his first propagation campaign in 1959 through 1962. Dr Grandmaster G Ong later began his involvement in ICTF and took up the executive position of Secretary General in 2007.

Dr Grandmaster G Ong’s scholastic aptitude drove him to study the Taekwondo martial arts in depth and equipped him in some detailed aspects of the profound techniques developed by the Founder. The fact that many movements of the original Taekwondo were developed at the physical lab of MIT fortified his love and desire in this unique martial art both physically and academically for over 35 years since his initial contact with Taekwondo. Dr Grandmaster G Ong achieved the final milestone of his Taekwondo life when he was promoted to highest rank of 9th Dan in 2017.

The love for martial arts has propelled Dr Grandmaster G Ong to study various martial arts beyond Taekwondo including Karate, Tai-Chi, Tong-Bei, Wing-Chun, MMA, and bodyguarding techniques in the past years with martial art philosophy corelates to Taekwondo as a Grandmaster.

Dr Grandmaster G Ong has a rich background in the business sector as an entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience in various fields internationally. His business and academic credentials are valuable foundations as a member of the Executive Committee and the key developer of the Business Portal concept in ICTF since he took office as the Senior Vice President cum Business Advisor/Director in 2016.


ICTF Executive Vice President
Master Nathan Doerksen (8th Dan)








Master Doerksen is an experienced educator who spends a lot of time as a martial artist in the Ch’ang Hon Style Taekwondo.  In addition to being an instructor, Master Doerksen is also the Executive Vice President of ICTF in the Executive Committee.   

Master Doerksen’s baccalaureate academic credential in Education is a fine asset in his profession as a school teacher and Taekwondo instructor.  He uses this knowledge and training to enhance all Taekwondo classes, offering a standard in recognized curriculum to all the students who take up training under his mentorship.

Master Doersen was conferred the rank of 8th Dan in 2017.


ICTF Secretary General
Master Esther Sucre (8th Dan)








Master Sucre began training in Taekwon-Do in Venezuela, her native country, at the age of 6 and has been a practitioner of Ch’ang Hon Style Taekwondo ever since.  While in Venezuela, Master Sucre competed in many National and International events, and was Venezuelan National Champion for 4 consecutive years.

After moving to Canada in 1992, Master Sucre continued training under Grandmaster Park Jong Soo and later went under the leadership of Dr Grandmaster KJN J Cariati.  Master Sucre is an instructor and a member of the Technical Committee for the Woodbridge Taekwon-Do group.  She continues her Taekwondo life regionally, nationally and internationally.

Master Sucre was conferred the rank of 8th Dan in March’2018.


ICTF Administrative Vice President
Ms S Lawson (4th Dan)








Ms Lawson was born in Trinidad and Tobago but later moved to Canada.  Ms Lawson was always intrigued with martial arts and in 1996 this interest led her to begin training in Aikido, a Japanese martial art characterized by sweeping motions which integrates the mind and body in the development of self-confidence, peace of mind and physical skill. 

Currently, Ms Lawson is a nidan (2nd Dan) in Aikido and is an instructor at her dojo.  In the later years of her martial art life, Ms Lawson became interested in Taekwon-Do and began her training at Woodbridge Taekwon-Do school under Dr Grandmaster KJN Cariati, where she is now a 4th Dan in Taekwondo.  She is an instructor for Woodbridge Taekwon-Do and actively competes in tournaments locally, nationally and internationally.


ICTF Treasurer
Master Vivian Rocca (7th Dan)








Master V Rocca has been a member of ICTF Executive Committee since 2006 as of the ICTF pioneers.  Master V Rocca began her training with Dr Grandmaster KJN Cariati in the 1980s and has been active in the Woodbridge Taekwon-Do group ever since. She started teaching at the advancement of her first Dan and has enjoyed promoting the art of Taekwon-Do to numerous students throughout her many years in the field.

Master Rocca has advanced through many different job positions in her nearly 20 years career at Bruno's Fine Foods. Her current expertise in the Accounts Payable department is a definite asset to her role in our organization.