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International Ch'ang-Hon Taekwon-Do Federation

~~~  A Federation for its Members  ~~~

~~~   A New Era in ICTF   ~~~

  • Unity between World and International Taekwondo
  • Collaboration of Partnership among All Martial Arts
  • Sharing of Resources to Excel for the Benefit of All

ICTF Club is a New Home for all martial art disciplines as a Business Portal of International Ch’ang-Hon Taekwon-Do Federation (ICTF).

ICTF Club Members are not just members, but more so they are Business Partners who work side-by-side with ICTF in its global propagation program under a Profit Sharing Scheme while they help to promote ICTF by generating revenues from the Products & Services in our Business Program.

ICTF Club Members are Authorized Representatives in their respective geographical territories appointed by the Senior Administrative Vice President Cum Business Director under the leadership of the President. Individual members recruited under this program is assigned a membership number which traces the identity to the Authorized Representative he/she belongs in the chain of national and sub-national leadership network.

As the name depicts, a “Club” is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal.  All of us in the ICTF Club share this common interest of growing into a better martial art level through sharing of resources for mutual benefit.  We have a common goal to reach where sky is the limit for all of us in the ICTF family.  With your support and collective efforts, we will build a strong and unmatched federation as we continue to contribute to the betterment of ICTF.  Thank you & Taekwon!


Dr Grandmaster G Ong; 9th Dan, PhD
ICTF Senior Administrative Vice President
ICTF Business Advisor/Director